Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gays...not so happy, after all

So, after happening upon an article on a "news blog" that poses as real news, I left my opinion. Little did I know! Gay people aren't open minded. Nor are they happy. The individuals I came into contact with are rude, very twisted and extremely honest. Of course, I came out in defense of a holy priest these degenerates were attacking with lies, exaggerations and every sick insult in their repertoire. After that, I was attacked in the same manner, accused of every sin known to degerates. Oh well. My conscience is clean. What is not clean: These "men" finally admitted enmass that they desire to be with boys under age. They do not believe in doG as they refer to God. They quoted Jesus, perverting His Word with their sick lust,"Let the little children come into me." Were it not for the legal ramifications, they would be with boys for their sexual pleasure. The degenerates claimed ALL gay men feel that way and it isscussed frequently. The men think the age of consent should be abolished so they will cease to be sexually frustrated, for their civil rights are being violated, they claim, by refusing them "fresh tail." After the death threats and the threats of identity theft, I decided to go ahead and share the true nature of the gay culture. Not so "gay" after all. What they are is sad. They live a damaged life and they need help. Let's pray they will be converted and their God-given sexuality restored.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sick Freaks

When I read this article after hearing about this mass murderer of babies, I was not shocked. You see, pro-life people typically are already aware of what goes on in so-called "reproductive care clinics" aka abortion mills. What shocks me is the reaction of pro-deathers to this news story. On one comment board attached to CNN, I believe, had idiotic comments of those "progressives", the champions of women everywhere, pointing out, "Yeah, but so what? This article lacks information...so we can dismiss it as a smear job." and then there's the the silly, "But, what about the Catholic Church and their policy to molest boys..." followed up by an attempt to be reasonable, "Pro-life people need to prove that they care about children by making all of them carry unwanted babies of other women in their wombs, if the technology becomes available..."

I decided to give a different link so that I am saved some time trying to point out the things Mr. K so eloquently puts forth.


Abortionists are the dregs of society. We have had so many clinics in the news, telling us about how this abortionist was arrested for rape, this one for mass murders, this one for eating the bodies of the babies after he killed them and prosecutors had such a hard time in Kansas figuring out if this act was wrong or not...http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=30854-...(yeah, in China, among the wealthy, they are considered a delicacy for their "life-giving" powers, thought to cure a host of ailments like wrinkles and impotence)...and it seems to fly right over the heads of the liberals.

For a person who kills people for a living, killing them inside Mommy then taking them out dead or taking them out of Mommy, then killing them is not a problem. His job is to kill. The women pay him for a hit on their baby and that is what he offers. The more babies he kills, the less he feels the difference bewtween in or out. This is consistent with his line of heinous work.

It is only in the befuddled mind of a liberal that you will find a marked difference between in or out. The woozy liberal will claim loudly, "But, abortion is legal. That is what the women has paid for and in the second instance, she didn't get what she paid for! She wanted an abortion, not for him to kill the baby." The liberal will usually demur to comment on the second instance, because it has nothing to do with them at all. They would prefer not to know of it. To them, some random babies were killed outside the womb, and they may blanche because "it sounds bad" to them. "That guy murdered an alive baby", so of course, "it is wrong" they will say..."it is illegal, I think, right?", they will enquire. To said Progressives, being "in" means the baby is not human, not a person and not worthy of life. (Unless the mother magically grants it the name, "Baby". When that moment happens the creature becomes all those things we assume we are, with all our rights. If the amazing pronouncement of "Baby" is withheld, the baby is considered a parasite and a loathsome creature that needs to be punished for being in there without the mother's permission.) What do you suppose, dear Libby Liberal, was the difference between the baby in her mother and the baby outside of her mother? A mere distance of a couple of inches, but for the liberal it is the dividing line between Jew and Nazi, between slave and Master and between human and non-human.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Today, on the news...

Somalia has not had an official government since the communist dictatorship in 1991. This dictatorship was toppled by warlords, who continue to destabilize the country with ongoing infighting.

Where are they getting the arms and supplies to stay in a war?!?! For twenty years, these thugs, on a grand scale, have been battling each other. Can it occur to the sane mind that wars cost? Who is paying the bills for the hardware?

People have been starving in Somalia in the thug-induced famine that starved millions since then. It has been the warlords blocking commerce, destroying buildings, businesses and farms. When the world comes knocking, with food and supplies, the roads are shut down by angry Muslims fighting other angry Muslims, all because someone wants their buddy to be President. The poor innocent people trying to live get held hostage by these ignorant yahoos playing wargames with weapons supplied to them by....WHO?

It appears to be old news that We, the American people, foot the bill for installing, equipping and supporting the warlords in Somalia.

Great. Again, we need to keep from having these crazy foreign entanglements. Who are we to be deposing Somalian rule by having the Ethiopians invade there...then turn around and support the same warlords.

I wonder how much we spent on this failed attemp to....ummm...play army men with real moving people?

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Is repealing the so-called Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy a good idea?! I think NOT!

Supposedly, the poor gays in the military are forced to give up their integrity by not being "openly" gay...and the repeal of the policy will allow them the "freedom" to "be" who they "are".

What the hell is that gonna look like?! Lt. Bryant will now flitter around in a pink tu-tu, lisping to everyone, "Hell's Bells! I broke a nail!" only with zzz for the "s" sound. When in combat, will he be crying in a corner of his foxhole saying, "Oh, God, I can't believe I shot that guy, he was sooo hot!"...(arms wrapped around his knees, rocking back and forth) "What did I do, I just knew I shouldn't have...we could have been soul-mates!!! (Whaaaa, sniff, sniff) Then, fellow gay guy soldier who has a huge, pink, crush on Lt. B rushes out of his foxhole to comfort his lover...and ends up getting shot. By who, we are not sure. Hopefully, it was not by friendly fire, on purpose. (Disclaimer: For any liberals who may be purposefully latching on to that sentence to charge me with wanting gay soldiers shot: Any soldier getting shot is tragic and I would never desire anyone to be hurt or killed.)
 Look. I know that most of the gay soldiers will avoid the pink and or leathery, studded clothes because their commanding officers will make them. What we should ask ourselves is why they need to be openly gay. Are heterosexuals in the military running about yelling, "I'm here, I'm straight, get used to it." If the gay soldiers are not planning to run about broadcasting who's bottom they like the best in the showers, then what it the repeal about?

Oh. That's another troubling thought. Since the soldeirs are in such close quarters based on sex, (stupid liberals, I mean male or female) where do the gays belong? If we have a gay male soldier, he will be salivating over his fellow men. That is the whole purpose of separating men and women-to protect modesty and morality. How can the military protect the soldiers when the gays will be allowed to openly lust after Private Sam, and the openly gay Staff Sergeant, Sergio, allows the molestation because he understands how they can't control themselves and "Face it, Sammy is hot." 

Putting the gay men with the straight women wouldn't work...too much talking. Putting the lesbians in with the straight men-well, it wouldn't bother the men, which is a problem. Putting the gay men in with each other would end up in one huge orgy, which is to be frowned upon in basic training, hopefully.

So, what happens is that the straight soldiers end up having gay soldiers lusting after them and the gays being "open" about it all. How creepy for the normal soldiers!! See how this  "Gay Pride, We're Here We're Queer" stuff actually involves making gays a special class that have more rights?

Remember the fall of the Romans. It was the gays' fault. Soldiers cannot be effective while they are trying to pick each other up.

Monday, November 15, 2010


This way too much for me! What kind of people are we, to allow this terrorism in our county?! How did we end up accepting these tactics to break us down and get us ready to be matriculated in a New World Order?!

I won't fly. I am modest and I do not want to be groped by lesbians nor do I want to be seen naked by the creepy, shady individuals hired by our government to intimidate us-ex-cons, guns for hire, and the like.

This draconian measure, "screening" passengers has absolutely nothing to do with our "safety". Do you feel safe having your children molested by TSA?! Do you feel safe having your wife groped by strange men while you stand impotently by?! What this has to do with is intimidation and a social experiment to break down our "American Pride" in order that we can be more easily subdued by Foreign Powers.


Saturday, October 30, 2010


From all the available information, it appears Democrats are interested in the following CHANGES:

1. Getting to do whatever they feel like doing, with the excuse it is "genetic" or "natural"...up to and including indulging any and all odd urges of traditionally "wrong" or "frowned-upon" behaviors.

2. Expecting the rest of us to go along with allowing them and enabling them to do whatever they want and have us be happy about it, or at least pretend to be happy about it.

3. Destroying the Republic. (This is a by-product of 1 & 2, not necessarily a targeted issue, however our Republic and it's Constitution gets in the way of their accomplishment of 1 & 2.)

Democrats and their ilk are not adults, they are narcissist and/ or perpetual children. They do not want to be held accountable for their personal sins, they want YES-men to tell them they have no sins, and they refuse to recognize any rightful authority, including God. The rest of us are supposed to stay silent while they spread their sickness around.

What they don't realize is that the things they want are not good for them...(like eating all the cookies from the jar, running with scissors or playing with matches) but they will not be told anything. (I do wut I wunt.) Like children, they ignore the risks, and have naive expectations of the outcomes of their demands.

We have gotten a fair dose of Obamalism. Quick example: Several friends of mine have reported their private health insurance doubling. We were told we could keep our healthcare...but Obama should have added-"IF you can still afford it when we get done"-instead of the lies. Should my friends pretend to like it? "Thanks, Mr. Obama. Can you raise my car insurance too?" Do the Democrats not mind their insurance going up or do they just ignore it? Do they tell themselves it is just "for now" and the boo-boo will go away?

Oh, silly kids!

Before, during and after Obama's election, we heard people admit on national tv that Obama's victory meant they would be absolved of their monthly bills. Who let them think that? What happened when those naive dears got the eviction notice? Do they think that Obama will rectify it later...that somehow they just got left out on accident?

Now, I know it wouldn't be fair of me to pretend like all Democrats are blathering idiots. I do not think that. I know there are a fair sampling of intelligent progressives. It is not their intelligence quotient I am calling into question.

What I am calling into question is the human decency of the Democrats, the self-control of the Democrats and their ability to project past themselves and their neediness, into the future.


PS. I don't like the standard Republican either.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


No more should I be asked about the Catholic Churches involvement in the Crusades!

Occasionally, you hear people touting the P.R. line of, "Islam is a peaceful religion." If that is so, the peaceful Muslims must rise up and denounce the violence perpetrated in Allah's Name instead of celebrating.

Look around. Even if you limit yourself to the liberal propaganda of the Big Initials News, or take your cues on how you "feel" about the looming issues from your favorite episode of South Park...you have to have noticed the Muslims running amok.

No, I will not over-tax your mind with a list of Mohammodan rage. It's all out there, splashed over the news, usually brought up as "Bush's fault...deaths...caused by reaction to evil Christian's this or that...meany people not allowing Muslim sharia law...silly aversions to stoning and beheadings...overly sensitive Americans, being provincial..."

There are no reports of Catholics running around with red faces, killing their daughters for wearing makeup...nor will you find them hacking people up with machetes...we frequently find ourselves running from those machetes, dodging the bullets, ducking for cover as the bombs go off...and I haven't seen any reports of Catholic Canon Law calling for sinners to be buried up to their heads and stoned.

Lest we lose the sense of our fathers of old, may I invite all the sensible full-witted people to educate themselves on why the Crusades happened? Muslims who aspire for those seventy virgins, have no compunction about killing you. That is what they are told to do: Kill the Infidel.

We must wake up and begin to draw the lines in the sand. Sharia Law and all the Muslim ways need to stay over there in the sand. If we stay asleep at the wheel, we will wake up to a whole new world of Muslimnity (like that new word I just created?) the likes we have never seen, save, in our nightmares.

The Mohammadans want their ways, laws and religion to reign in every country on the face of the Earth. I understand. Having Catholicism over every land, with all peoples converting to my ways, laws and Faith, would be peachy. The difference is the length the Mohammodans will go to make it happen. Anyone who resists will be assimilated, or killed. So, the free world must wake up and stop the encroaching Manifest Destiny of Islam.


I do not like burkas. I am hot-blooded and would over-heat. But, that is just a snarky aside. No one I know would like to live under Muslim rule.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Coming Crash

Sign of the Times? Disaster looms...
Here is My State of the Union Address:

We have a ursurper in the Office of the Presidency of the United States of America. Whatever way you turn him, B. H. O, is not a natural born citizen. He has hidden all his records from view-birth certificate (the one WE the People are required to present for identification purposes...), school records, passports, his mother's pre-1968 records are said to have been destroyed (hummm), Grandma died timely enough-she knew what was what...The Usurper is not concerned with helping our economy heal. He has done the job he was hired to do: Weaken the United States of America, allow Islamic inroads, and coarsen our society.

Our economy is crashing. This is evidenced by the huge numbers on welfare, and governmental food assistance programs...huge numbers taking advantage of unemployment they have paid into for all these years...because they have been blind-sighted by abrupt loss of their livelyhood. Hence, we have whole cities being abandoned, with squatters taking over neighborhoods, and public services being shut down to sectors of these cities, so the city can survive. The housing market continues it's emergency crash landing.

Our borders are being breached, while our Federal Government, looks the other way as illegal criminals pour over with their drugs and AK47's. Riots are breaking out in cities, as the illegal population increases, and demanding we learn Spanish and salute their Mexican flag, give them free food, housing and services.

Let's recap: We need to realize the United States of America is going the way of all great empires...as we have been brought down from the inside-our own lethargy, our immorality, our lack of vigilance of who we invited to dine at our bountiful table, and an illegal fox elected to guard our hen-house. We will be pillaged. We will experience dire crises, even to the point of physical deprivation because our dollar standard will be abandoned and worthless. Those who have good paying jobs will be the rarity, although what they can purchase with their pay will only barely keep them above water. The rest will shack up together, whole families stacked in one home-grandparents, adults children, siblings and all the cousins. People will be focused upon simple survival. Societal breakdowns of services, law and order and human kindness will occur as people become desperate. Desperate people are no fun.


PS. We should prepare for all this to the extent we are able. First, though, get spiritually ready! You'll be needing God.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dangerous liquid

Federal SWAT teams swarm in, taking the perpetrators by surprise, in a sting operation...with the goal to seize illegal and dangerous liquids from criminals.

Oh me, oh my!! Just what is this feared substance...(hands wringing in anxiety and fear)...?

GIVE ME A BREAK! It's MILK. Yes, our government is wasting our money, doing sweeping stings against Amish and country folk selling and/or sharing milk with their neighbors.

Why are these milk-men and their wives and children being forced to sit, at gun-point from 11pm to 8 am, while undergoing questioning and having their computers and livelyhood confiscated? Because our FDA is angry that people want to drink fresh milk aka raw milk. When milk is kept private, their coffers cannot be filled with the usual inspection fees, and various kick-backs from Big Ag and their Big Milk companies.

The FDA works, in essense, for the companies BIG enough to pay them and the laws that the FDA gets passed have to do with making sure their bribers are satified. Notice how our food supply is getting quite icky and fake? Notice all the reports of mass illness when the FDA is supposed to be watching? Notice the mass failures in the drugs that the FDA deems "safe".  Let's not trust the FDA to tell us that raw milk is a dangerous, bacteria-laden substance that kills. Anything can be dangerous if left to half-wits to decide. I think they are full of bull-excrement on this call!

Raw milk has been used for thousands of years to nourish our planet of people. How is it that we can be so easily led to believe that we, evolved modern humans, cannot use it as successfully and need to have it practically rendered nutrition-less before we can safely consume it. After all the homogenizing, pasturizing-which kills all the beneficial bacteria and enzymes, and de-fatting going on, all we have left is a white milk-like drink. FAUX MILK.

I admit to drinking raw milk in my past...(looking over my shoulder for the Feds) and I must tell you that it is the only "milk" I can drink without suffering the effects of lactose intolerance. Why? Because the enzymes in raw milk help us digest it. That white drink in the store doesn't have them intact after all the money...excuse me, monkey business done to it.

Raw milk is superior. It is from God's Provision for us. The Feds are losers.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I don't believe in atheists.

Sad, those atheists. Out there all on their own...no crutch to fall back on. Brave individuals. Except for the denial part.

Here is what I know happens to people before they "quit" believing in God:

1. Poor catechises.

2. Poor examples.

3. Psychological or physical crises.

4. Descent into "sinful" practices.

There is no certain order, and even all or some of the above occur to the individual.

People tend to think of God as if He were Santa Claus and when He disappoints-look out. That tops off the kegger.

I invite personal stories and I will sift through them to help you understand how you got to be an atheist.


PS. Because I care....

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


There is a general unease afoot about our economy. Not only do conspiracy theorists, like myself, know we are coming to the end of a era of relative prosperity...I've come across several nut-job liberals who actually agree with me! That NEVER happens!

Taking into consideration the loss of jobs, of which many employed have come and gone from the unemployment rolls and are no longer counted and still lacking a job, the falling retail sales numbers, and the coming increase in taxes and "healthcare" hurdles, the "thinker" should be nervous about this. Companies, big and small, will have a hard time feeling expansive and get that lovin' feeling to hire.

I'll just come and out say what I think...we seem to be in a nosedive and I do not see how we can pull it all up, without the grace of God. And, to be honest yet again, what are we doing to deserve God's blessing? Does Helena, Montana's plan to teach K kids about homosexuals and their anatomical positions for sex qualify as a good turn that God would want to get us out of this decline?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Men of the World

There are a cabal of very powerful, monied men who are running the world. It reads like a Who's Who of the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund.

They gather each year in a meeting, called Bilderberg Society. http://www.prisonplanet.com/bilderberg-2010-prisonplanet-com-master-page.html
This meeting is funded by all of us. Surprise! We pay for the security, which is highly annoying since we never get to know what the Men have decided will happen to us this year.

Sounds bad? Well, yeah. They make up scenerios of engineered crises in order to decide what crises will benefit them the most, towards ushering in the changes they desire.

What are they trying to accomplish? They want to rule the world. They want absolute power of our lives and deaths. They want to ensure their cabal is able to pass down the world control to their children. All the people of the world are simply chess pieces for them to move around or kick off the board altogether.

When you see oil spewing, quite like a volcano, out of a British pipe...endangering the whole coast and economy of the United States, you can be sure the Men ordered it.

Yes, I said it. It was on purpose. This is a engineered crises. It is quite a different matter in my mind if I saw the oil coming up from the floor of the Gulf, which would be quite hard to control. However, when you see the live pictures, the oil is coming from the top of a inverted T-pipe. Even a man in our own area has made a cap for it that he knows will work. We can go to the Moon, but we can't put on a cap. Bullshit!

So, what would be the benefit to the cabal of this oil catastrophy? Well, it destabilizes the economy of a whole way of life in the USA. There goes a huge segment of the fishing industry, the tourist industry, food prices raise, large areas become dangerous to inhabit-moving segments of people out of wilderness areas into cities-easier to control. Will a depression cause us to accept their rules? Will being hungry be enough to surpress our American independence?

IT is all about control. The Men decide that we, the People, are much more docile when we have these distractions bothering us. We don't notice the ploys to pass noxious treaties behind our backs like the Codex Alminetarius, which hands over control of the Global food supply to the BIG MEN. The big fat pharma guys will control all the natural substances that cure disease. Vitamins, herbs and minerals will now be banned from our use. We will be required to use pharmacueticals. Organic food will be outlawed, and the only seeds we can use will be the monkey-businessed seeds of Monsanto, that are nothing like the ones God made. Read this: http://www.thenhf.com/codex/codex_83.htm

Anyway, this is all coming to a crossroads. Do we want a group of elistists controlling us, making us into slaves and culling us, all to bolster their greed and pride?

This cabal is evil and it is inspired by Satan. How do I know? Look at the rotten fruits. Oh, and the dead bodies.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Discrimination against men

Alright, I'm gonna be brave and say what most of us think in the privacy of our own skulls:

WHAT'S UP WITH THE BOY-EY WOMEN? (That's the opposite of girly-man)

We have Supreme Court Nominee, Elena (pretty name denoting a female) Kagan, sporting John Kennedy Jr.'s (R.I.P.) haircut and mansuit nightmare, along with former Attorney General in the Clinton Administration, Janet (kill the communes) Reno and her sidekick in mannishness, Janet Napolitano, Directress of Homeland Security. (Late addition: Rachel Maddow, liberal pundit, who appears equally attractive as the above mentioned "ladies" in the Kennedy coif.)

They obviously have been poisoned by chem-trails (yeah, look it up) and have been made infertile...but then again, they are all not married...is it because they look like men or act like men? Or is that on purpose because they want to attract women? Let's not go there...well, I will, if you want!

I think if the Administration wants a masculine tough guy for the job, they should find a GUY. Surely, there is someone out there that could have out-manned these ladies?!?



PS. I don't have any judicial experience. Can I have the job? I also don't have any executive experience...except for being a mother-which is executive-so that makes me qualified for the Presidency and I even have a real birth certificate, which I will show.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Liberal Crap

So, Oklahoma gets smart and the reps actually listen to their constituents and passes two awesome laws about abortion.

1. Women/girls seeeking to "off" their baby should have an ultrasound prior to the sucking apart, slicing up or the skull-stabbing of their baby, in order to get a bit more acquainted with who they are "choosing" to kill.

This is making the liberal minds flip with indignation. Idiotic statements are flying through the air, along with their heated spittle, accusing this law of "interfering with a woman's right to choose". Governor Henry, who tried to block the bill from passage with a veto is a non-thinker. He claims that it is very mean to make a woman undergo a medical procedure that may cause her physical and mental trauma. Please send me your links to women being physically harmed by ultrasounds! I'll have about fifteen of them so I feel safe to say that they are painless and harmless. Had the Gov. claimed this law puts the fetus at risk for possible birth-defects from a suspected increase in amniotic fluid temperature, he would has made more sense, despite the silly implications...cause the baby is supposed to be dead anyway. I'll pause here and state what you, as a thinking person, may be wondering: Gee, how could seeing the embryo or fetus, interfere with a woman's "right to choose"? It doesn't. But, fortunately, what it does accomplish is to take away the lie of the saleperson, who is selling the removal of a "blob of cells" that are "parasitic" in nature. Now, the girl, an hour BEFORE she aborts, is required to receive that ultrasound from a sonagrapher who must explain it to her in detail. She, who sees the head, torso and arms and legs of their baby, may rightfully demure from deciding to have that said baby mercilessly torn apart. Maybe she'll change her mind. See, abortion clinics are known for giving false information. This law wouldn't be necessary if the clinics were more "open-minded" and "tolerant" of the fetus' opinion to live. Do you realize how much money will be lost when girls understand abortion for what it is? In my internet travels to open discussion boards, you would find yourself shaking your head at the silly notions girls have about abortion. Here's a good one: This young lady posts, "Abortion doctors never kill something with a beating heart. They would never do something like that. It (baby) isn't alive when they kill it." So, of course, I felt the need to disabuse her of the lie she'd been fed during the educational episodes of Southpark or some such cartoon where she learns about life. For those wondering, the embryonic heart beats about 22days (fetal age) which is 38 days into the pregnancy, as calculated from the last menstral period. When the girls are subjected to ultrasounds, the killing clinics might have to close! Oh, darn.

2. The other law passed by veto override is the one that prevents a physician from being sued for "wrongful life". Yeah. This "wrongful life" happens when a woman goes ahead and has her baby...and the baby isn't perfect. So, she needs to blame someone and chooses the doctor. She says that if he would have been a better doctor, he'd have found out something was wrong with the wretched thing and she could have killed it. Can you imagine that poor child, knowing his mommy tried to sue someone for not giving her a shot at killing him? Maybe we should smother that baby now for her so he doesn't have to live that way...or there's the adoption option...naw, let's just kill him. We wouldn't want the mom to feel bad, not knowing what happened to the child she gave up. (This is how people think today!!!!) (OOOOO, I do not suffer fools lightly!!!!)

Let's all be open-minded...to killing. If you don't want to kill someone, don't kill someone. But, don't tell me what I can do with my own hands and a pillow.


Saturday, April 10, 2010


Liberals have sullied their reputations to the point they need a new I.D.! They like to be called Progressives, now.

Today, the media feeds it's children (most of which are adults with the savy and reasoning skills of a monkey) the lie that liberals are for progress: HAH! Progress would mean they would be for going forward, trying something new....

What liberals want is to go backwards. They seek the sensations of socialism, a tried and failed form of tyranny. Admittedly, socialism works for the rulers, but is woefully unpleasant and inadequate for the normal joes and janes. Oops, excuse me for the janes and joes. (Changed to be politically correct so that the liberal's feelings' don't get hurt because I listed joes before janes, hinting at my patristic societal outlook.) (Dang, maybe the liberals will still be mad because I listed the two involved sexes as different categories, when libs prefer we all pretend to be the same.) Trying again-Socialism doesn't work for the folks.

Liberals are not open-minded, unless we mean that stuff gets into their mind easily and falls right back out, according to what the media tells them to believe. But, if you ask them, they will inform you that they are open to "hearing new ideas" and don't "judge" people, as the "right-wing nut-jobs" like to do. In actuality, liberals have their own language and we must make an effort to find out what they mean when they use their double-speak. If you disagree with a liberal in any manner, you are "judging" them and trying to make them feel guilty. The new ideas they claim to be "open" about are old ideas. Being "open" for these ideas means to fall for it, hook, line and sinker.

More later!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Homosexuals, Pedophiles & The Church

Can you fathom how the above things can even be mentioned together?! It's like that wacked-out lady liberal, Anita Dunn, who was in a church telling the "audience", of impressionable highschool students, her heroes are Mother Theresa and Mao Tse-tung. Most odd. A believer in God/ helper of the poorest of humanity jux-opposed to a non-believer/mass murderer/torturer of humanity-35 million victims. One of these things is not like the other...one of these things just doesn't belongggg...can you guess which thing is not like the other...before the end of the song...

Yes, you are correct. The Church is the thing that doesn't belong in the category with homosexuals and pedophiles. The Church, always in this blog to refer to the Catholic- one and only, is jux-opposed to the others.

Despite the maelstrom of media attention, the Church is not the maker of pedophiles, nor is she the bastion of homosexuals in her rectories.

What is bothering me? I will tell you: Why are the homosexuals so hell-bent on being thought of as "naturally occurring"? They ignore the common thread in their life and the lives of their confreres: Abuse. Unfortunately, I believe even more, indeed, I am convinced I am correct (naturally-occurring) that being homosexual is a direct result of the personal reaction to childhood trauma, especially sexual abuse. Not every single sexual abuse victim will be turned towards homosexuality as a coping mechanism. Obviously, however, I did say PERSONAL reaction. Other victims may turn to alcohol or drugs, others will act out sexually in other ways...suffer anger and depression..and some will be healed through the grace of God, in the Sacraments or in Christian prayers of healing and forgiveness.

Additionally, active homosexuals seek to be distanced from active pedophiles, although they often are one in the same. WOW, yeah, I said it. Another act of egregious breach of political correctness from ~Maureen. I know we aren't not supposed to think it lest we be charged for a HATE CRIME. However, I must tell you, I do not hate homosexuals. I feel sorry for them. Their lives are fraught with unbalance, depression, anger, lust and yearning that cannot be fulfilled. Pedophiles, are people who desire sexual relations with pre-pubescent children. Some homosexuals are pedophiles, as we see with the few priests (compared to other segments of society) who went after "boys", some 80% of all the priest abuse cases. There are lesbians who go after girls as well. The reasons I claim they are one in the same are this: Priests who are straight and want sexual relations will turn to a woman. Priests who are homosexual will turn to a man. A pedophile, straight, will turn to the opposite sex. A pedophile, gay, will turn to a child of the same sex. Most of the cases in the accusations against members of the Church were male priests going after male adolescents (pederasty). It was homosexual men who were committing most of the molesting we see in the media.

Has it escaped your notice that these men/priests are never called homosexual despite that being the case? We are supposed to think that pedophiles don't care what the sex of the child is...however, that doesn't seem to gel. Even if we find a molester who messed with both boys and girls,(bi-sexual) he will tell us that he is attracted to both, which the common denominator is still homosexuality, in all cases. Why are they attracted to children at all? I submit to you the following: In the case of childhood sexual abuse by a male adult, the victim child's emotional maturation process stops at the time of the egregious act/s. The person, in this case, male child is unable to think of himself as a man during the crucial teen years and he greatly admires the masculinity he sees in other boys and men. During the rush of hormones, he mistakes his desire to be masculine and admiration of masculinity in others for a sexual attraction towards those he admires. This man of the 60's-80's in now in a seminary, thinking he was to be a priest because he "didn't like women" or he assumes it will be awesome to be surrounded by men...or if one is predisposed to plots, he was placed in the Church by the Illuminati (communistic masonic world powers) to infiltrate it and bring it down internally through scandal. (Read The Memoirs of An Anti-Apostle: AA 1025). Whatever, the reason, the priest is unable or unwilling to be who he promised to be and he molests and damages his flock. Those children react PERSONALLY to the assault of their innocence and go on to become "gay". Some of them molest children as well.

Why would someone who went through such an experience as a child, spread the pain by doing it to a child? Well, because they are damaged. They are emotionally affected and are in need of healing. They lack the maturity to make a good decision and perhaps some are simply narcissists and unable to see others as human beings. These homosexuals yearn for the innocence they lost at the hand of their rapists and seek to "capture" it in the children they use for their gratification, just as they seek the lost masculinity in the same sex.

At any rate, the Catholic Church has no more pedophiles in it than anywhere else. Actually less than any other segment of society. The media is bent on trying to help their owners attack the Church. Just be educated on the real numbers because they re-present the same malefactors over and again.

 I have been a Catholic all my life and I have never been approached inappropriately by any of them. No one I know has, either, to my knowledge. All the priests I have known, personally, have been stalwarts of manliness and holiness.

The gates of hell will not prevail against the Church.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hey, you LIBERALS! Did you really mean to vote for SOCIALISM when you cast a vote for B. Obama?

According to Al Sharpton, you did. If that is true, you are HALFWITTED. I'll leave you with quote from Ronald Reagan:

"How do you tell a communist? Well, it's someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It's someone who understands Marx and Lenin."

Socialism, of which Communism & Nazism are sub-types, is a system of government in which a cabal of elite rule the population...deciding how we all should live, according to their superior understanding. In order to accomplish Socialist goals, the citizens must be strictly controlled using the power of the government to enforce the Master Plan. Taxes upon those with "more" are used to finance the Plan and those with less due to sloth happily keep voting ignorantly and remain subsidized by the government, paid for by those who "have."  With the monetary resources strictly monitored, the legal system highjacked and private property being held by the elites, the general population is constrained to follow the rules with no recourse to legal remedies as the status quo devolves to dictatorship. (And it always ends up that way!)

Unfortunately, this redistribution of wealth, punishes the entrepreneur and increases the acedia of the underachievers. Economy tends to stagnate due to the lack of invention. Industriousness and incentive to succeed are stifled. The "have-nots" are rewarded without doing the work themselves, while the "haves" are forced to "share", which is not sharing, but rather theft that has been made "legal."

So, if you voted for SOCIALSM, you are either a "have-not" or you are an elitist, hoping to rule over everyone. Worse, if you voted for SOCIALISM for neither of the above reasons, I must tell you that you are woefully ignorant and I weep for you.


PS. Fidel Castro, the former Communist dictator of Cuba, who gave his bro Raul his power in 2008, applauds Obama's move to socialized healthcare. Need I say more?

Monday, March 22, 2010



We are now officially a socialist country. Fascist to be exact. We have our illustrious government running the banking industry, the automotive industry, the insurance industry and the medical industry.

The growth of private enterprise will cease. It has to. The government will squelch any competition with it's mandates to force us to buy their products and services.

There will be rationing of healthcare services very soon. If you are elderly, make your funeral arrangements, now, for you will be dying if you get a serious or expensive disease or injury. If you are obese, get slim. If you have diabetes and can control it with diet, do so. All of us must now exercise and eat right to ward off the inevitable: illlness or disease. We cannot trust our new rulers to give us the treatment we deserve as human beings. What we will receive, is whatever services conducive to the "common good". That means you have to "take one for the team" and ration. Instead of expensive treatments, you will be treated to a nice, intravenous cocktail of morphine. Vaccines will be mandatory. Never mind the overdose of mercury and aluminum: It helps us cull the weak and elderly, who systems will shut down. Never mind the birthcontrol agents in the vaccines. Overpopulation, don't you know?

People tend to be upset with differences in their environment. That is why the chemicals are being sprayed in the atmosphere. It dumbs people down and makes them docile. Just like the harmful additives, the exitotoxins, in the food. Men are being feminized by the hormones in food, in order that they stay complacent and deal with the new order without uprisings.

We are officially tenants of the government. Private property rights will be ceasing soon. Notice the large amounts of government-siezed land already?

Nay-sayers and agiators will be arrested and punished. There are civil interrnment camps already awaiting those of us who dare to be disatisfied with our new lot.


Saturday, March 20, 2010


Gee. Go figure. Why would I get kicked off SLATE.COM? Little me. A housewife and mother. Let's think about it...

Well, okay, maybe I made some comments that made too much sense. SLATE had a hatchet job posted about Pope Benedict. Basically, to save you from a long story, it presented a big "what-if" scenerio, proposing the scenerio/question, that IF "more evidence" was found against Pope Benedict, could he be "fired". I pointed out that the reference article they used as a source was biased. It left out crucial information, painting a guilty picture, attempting to lasso Cardinal Ratzinger into the fray of silent culpability, or worse, a conspirator to protect molesters. Clearly, then Cardinal R, wasn't even placed in charge of sexual molestation cases until the latter years of the JPII Pontificate. The molestation cases came from the 60's-80's. I commented upon the fact that the readers of SLATE fail to even read the article yet still comment on the seemingly damning title of the article, without using their reasoning skills.

The readership of SLATE is liberal. It is interesting to note, however, that most ultra-liberal sites, do entertain a fair number of conservative commentors. SLATE, in contrast, had no conservative comments on their site, while I was reading. I read fast, so I was able to read VERY many. I thought that SLATE could use some anti-liberal, pro-thinking comments.

SLATE disgrees. Shortly after my comments upon several posts from non-thinkers, I noticed after about an hour, my posts ALL magically disappeared. Despite being logged in, I was not able to post again. Nor was I able to post today. I can only imagine the huge numbers of conservative views that are being sensored.

Darn. I guess they didn't care to hear my opinion nor did they want their minion legions to know the truth.

Why should our Church be villified for the actions of a few evil-doers? Does having a small percentage of Judases in the Church nullify and disqualify it? Jesus had one in twelve. Was He not God? Our Catholic Church has less than 1% of priests involved in this horror. It comes out looking better against Jesus' stats! Surely, a reasoning person can see that any grouping of humanity will have some bad elements contained within. Does having a child-molesting baptist minister mean that the whole faith is evil and corrupt? If twenty teachers in the teachers union molest students, does that mean that the union encourages it? Why is it that the Catholic Church is attacked? Is it that the Church is held to a higher standard? THAT makes sense. The Church has been given the deposit of Faith to guard. "For to whom much is given, much will be required..."

The Church, who was born on Pentecost, must be cleansed and made ready for the Groom. However, SLATE is a bad servant. She is holding the Church's head underwater.

Hopefully, in the hour my posts were there, SOMEONE was instructed or admonished. I tried to exercise my Christian duty. I had pointed out that "therapy for the cure" was the mantra of the era, back in the 60-80's. The psycho babble community touted their ability to handle the men with proclivities for the innocent. Why should the Church be attacked for adhering to the prescribed "cure"? The homosexuals coming out of the closet back then clamored to embrace these bad priests as one of their own. It isn't the Church's fault that these homosexual men snuck into the priesthood, preyed upon fresh partners and ...yuck. It isn't the Church's fault that the teen boys and young men had such a poor relationship with their parents that they didn't feel comfortable enough to tell them that Father Flapadoodle wanted to "play" with them.  It isn't the Church's fault that those teens were interested in a sexual tryst with a bad priest. OH YES, I did just say it!

I've committed the ultimate sin and put  a tiny miniscule fraction of the blame on the teenagers and their parents. Sorry, but, think of the teens you know. Were they so puny that a priest could MAKE them do anything? The kids are HUGE nowdays! Could there be that much of a difference in sizes back then? There was a definite difference in the attitude of reverence towards a priest, so I could understand the silence...but, going back for more? After a first inappropriate gesture, or touch, any teen in their right mind/morality, would never be alone with the man again. They were taught about the disorder of homosexuals back then. They were aware of the horrible sin of sexual deviancy. Unless the priest physically threatened and outright forced them, these young men, if that is the case, should have left. The parents should have instructed their kids more carefully about fleeing from weirdos. If they stayed and participated, it worries me that perhaps they were a participant of choice.

 It is interesting to note that most of these victims of past sexual abuse of priests are active homosexuals today. Are they looking to recruit "fresh" partners, only to be found in increasingly younger ages? Why do men who call what happened to them at the hands of a bad priest abuse, then call what they do consentual?

Well, I didn't get around to pointing all of this out...I stopped at the handling of abusers...I was too busy adding my comments to posts from idiots who think that the Vatican shouldn't be a city-state with diplomatic privileges, that the Church is a racket, that it should be liquidated and money given to the poor and commentators who call for the Pope to be shot, hung, fired...all because SLATE played a what-if card. Media bias genius! Must be easy when your readers are intellectual midgets.

It is shocking that I have to share the same air with these harsh, mentally ill, dysfunctional souls, who love sin and hate truth. But, there for the grace of God, go I. And you. Let's just pray for them.


PS. My Dad said praying for those who persecute you heaps hot coals on their heads if they end up in hell, despite your prayers.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010



Suspected TERRORIST on the loose in Georgia airport.

-short. very short.
-traveling with a male and a female accomplice
-has metal contraptions strapped to his legs, possibly bombs?
-refused to walk through metal detector without metal thingys on
-accomplices claim the short suspect can't walk


May I suggest you go looking for some ADULT, MALE, DARK-SKINNED FOLKS, flying in from Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan....?

Leave the four year old handicapped boy and his parents alone, you silly freaks.


Who the HELL is in CHARGE?!?!

Who is running our government? Is there anyone there who knows what the heck they are doing?!

I'm available.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Superbowl AD

Well. Seems the baby killers at Planned Parenthood are incensed by the ad, CELEBRATE LIFE, which includes Tim and Pam Tebow, mother and son, being happy Tim "made it". Supposedly, the ad is "controversial" according to Planned Parenthood, and the ad acts to "take away other women's choice."

REALLY!?! How, pray tell, does an ad about one family's triumph in choosing life for their baby, interfere with other women making a choice? It doesn't.

But, what Planned Parenthood hates about the ad is that is may persuade others to allow their babies to live. Mothers may see this ad and think, "Well, it turned out so well for them..." OR horrors upon horrors, what if they click on that Focus on the Family link? Planned Parenthood loses a sale.

There are many reason to hate Planned Parenthood. One of the many reasons to hate Planned Parenthood is for their Founder, Margaret Sanger. She was a racist proponent of eugenics, with a penchant for narcissistic rage against others she found "unfit".

So, while Pam is enjoying the "fruits of her choice", and Tim is enjoying a fantastic life, poor Planned Parenthood is frothing at the mouth, as only liberals can do.

My best laugh yesterday was watching a video of Bill O'Reilly interview a lady from a pro-death faction. She was a black lady (likely a target of Sanger) who was very upset that the Tebow ad was being shown.  She kept saying nonsensical things like, "But, this ad takes away a woman's right to choose." And Bill was asking, "How? How?" while she kept to some internal script, never able to explain. Finally she was asked, "So, are you offended that Tim Tebow's alive?"

Yes, they are.

Tough world.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Deep Thoughts

During a conversation I have had recently, it occurred to me that the ultimate malfunction of our society has it's moorings in the rebellion of the sexes.

What I mean to convey is that men, today, may be found suffering from any number of spiritual and physical weaknesses. The same can be said for today's woman.

The cause is the "spirit" of Prostitution. This malevolent spirit has seduced men into wishing decent women were more willing to be seduced. This occurred in the late 50's and early 60's. After this time, men began working on ways to accomplish this goal with heightened interest. Using man-hating females, Man was successful into garnering support for his goal: Making Women into Prostitutes.

To acccomplish the goal, Man needed to be able to use the Woman physically and have her leave. The nature of Prostitution is that sex is exchanged for money and the Woman leaves. Man is paying for Her to leave. Sex is available everywhere...but often requires something from Man: commitment, support, marriage, children, relationship, dates...hand-holding...affection... Man wanted sex without having to "do" anything.

So, today's Man is steeped in porn...requires nothing of him, he uses the women often for free for they are addicted to drugs, sex slaves...beaten...but he cares not for the children of other men. These girls are only a product to be used by Man. He feels nothing for their plight. He thinks they deserve it. His want to be free of relationships, consequences and requirements fuels his desire for illicit materials.

Man has pushed the birthcontrol on Woman and advertised the wares of the man-haters: The PILL, PATCH, STERILIZATIONS and even ABORTION. Each of these are dangerous for Woman but she is too befuddled to know she is being treated as a whore and causing the death of her own children.

After all the damage to Woman, she is to ignorant to realize the source of her enslavement is the fall from grace and dignity.

Man wanders from quick pleasure to pleasure, all illicit, never being satisfied, so he marries, thinking to settle down, gain the benefits of marriage and keep his "pleasures". His expectations are dashed as Woman takes his money and leaves.

Isn't that what Man has taught us?

Friday, January 15, 2010


While these poor unfortunates continue to suffer, we have seemingly befuddled commanders running the relief effort!!


May I apply for the position?

After reading an article in which a commander at the airport laments all the supplies just sitting there...I realized they need me desperately! The UN is responsible for getting the supplies out and isn't doing it? Get rid of the UN.

Here's what we're gonna do:

1. Coordinate the landings and takeoffs by hand signal flags. Yes, we may have to do it that way so no one takes off when someone is coming in. Radios do work, however, despite the failed infastructure in Haiti, so we can warn the planes as they approach to wait and circle if need be.

2. When a plane lands, take those 300 US troops and counting and have them unload it to trucks immediately.

3. Shoot whomever it causing the admitted "bottleneck" as described by the commander in the news. If Haiti's greedy socialist dictator is grabbing all the supplies for himself, well, he's gotta go. Relieve the UN from duty. They typically can't focus on work when there is half-dressed women and children running around. Commandeer all the helicopters still available in Haiti...and ask nicely to use the ones in the Dominican Republic.

4. Create teams to go in, YES, go IN THERE and clear flat areas for strategic drops. I'm sure the people are eager enough to help lift and move debris out of the way for helicopters to land. Secure the zone for drop-offs if it can't land and equitably distribute to the neediest and sick/elderly/kids first. Send teams in, with guns, to carry supplies when a man says, "But I ran all the way here, my family..."

5. Have the troops physically tranfer the supplies if they can't drive them all the way to the people.

6. Allow the people to show up at the airport for the supplies themselves. Even if some horrible gang men get ahold of some, they are bound to have innocent relatives and friends in need they will share it with or sell it to others who need it.

Remember, we can send people to the moon, for Heaven's sake. We can figure out a way to help these people.

Unfortunately, the question remains in my mind:

Does the Illuminati really want to save all these suffering souls they have called, "useless eaters"? Aren't the Powers suspect of waiting for Day 6 when a lot of those "non-contributors" would have perished before they give them water and medical attention. Indeed, I think I am correct in my assumption. One only need to look at some of their comments about the PLAN for our world to know that the die-off of large segments of so-called "unworthy" society will please them. The rest of us are to be the slaves.

What a bright future you and I have to look forward to enjoying.

Let's pray for God's Mercy on these poor, suffering people, so steeped in voo-doo. Maybe they will be able to look past it and focus on entreaty to the One True God, Who loves them so much. No, I don't know why God did this to a country who is so poor they mix mud in their kid's food...but we will know one day and we will be amazed at God's Mercy, I know that for sure. Everything isn't all about this life. Most of the things that happen to us have to do with allowing us experiences that work to our favor if we can accept God's Will and turn to Him when these things do happen. It is often necessary to practice it in the little annoyances of life before the BIG things that try our Faith happen to us.

We hope NOT to have things like this go on in our lives but we must entertain the fact that earthquake-like occurrences do happen to shake us up and test us and reprove us.


Monday, January 4, 2010


After dodging another terrorist attack on Christmas, commited by a crotch bomber, who failed to perform...why are Americans being punished?

Desite the mainstream medias attempt to help the Obama Administration  hide the facts from We, the People, it becomes quite apparent that the "crotch bomber" wasn't involved in an elaborate school science project, nor was he a poverty-striken victim driven to madness, as Obama characterizes him. The perp was a terrorist in a war against the United States of America for being free-ish and not Muslim.

Why should Americans stand around like dumb cows while our rights erode every time some murderous foe arises? What connection is there between a Nigerian terrorist coming into our country, or Middle Eastern terrorists for that matter...and an old grandmother from Missouri flying to Vegas to play slots?

The connection is the halfwittedness of our government! What the heck?! Have we lost our minds?! Grandma isn't the one likely to be hiding a bomb in her support hose. We are able to use our heads and differentiate between a swarthy Middle-Eastern coming in from Al-Qaeda Central and an American grandma.

It makes sense to me for the government to take a look around at who wants to come into our country by asking themselves neat questions like, "Huh! That guy is an Al-Q member. Is it smart to allow him in?" And how about, "His dad reported him to be dangerous and a terrorist. That makes me nervous...maybe we should deny him entry?" Maybe the airlines could be warned, "Hi. We gave a known terrorist a visa into our country...it's up to you whether you want to let him on board."

Hopefully, then, the airline could say, "No, thanks." Then, the passengers wouldn't have to keep intervening in the government's job of keeping us safe from foreign invaders. Again, the Americans bear the brunt of the punishment. Now decent folk are being told they can't get up out of their seats...because they may be terrorists.

   "Nevermind that guy over there with the dark hair, dark skin and dark eyes from Yemen...who looks nervous...and has bulging pants...and who's dad said he may be looking to do bad things...it's that white old lady over there in the wheel chair that seems suspicious to me!" slurs the drunk security agent.
    "We better frisk her and then put her through the full body scan, just in case she's carrying" says the agreeable, sober agent.
    "Yeah, and that hot girl over there looks suspicious, too."

I can only imagine where all of this is leading. We, The People, get viewed naked...although the TSA claims they will only look at a slightly cartooned & blurred image, and keep the original secret...yeah, I totally trust the guy behind the scanner to play fair...and then we get treated to overdoses of radiation that damage DNA and subsequently end up with cancer. Great.

If I ever fly again...big if..I'll demur on the scan and take the rub down whilst sipping on a glass of  champagne, please.


PS. I'd have pasted a pic of  a person in a full body scan but I am against porn.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Blessed Virgin Mary

This is an actual photo taken in 1968 when the Virgin Mother purportedly appeared in Zeitoun above a Coptic Church.

Spectacular sightings of what is believed to be the Blessed Virgin Mary are happening again in Egypt! Here's the link:

Spiritdaily has some info http://www.spiritdaily.com/egyptianapparitions.htm with youtube links to the actual events occurring: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpgZdFM9mH8&NR=1

The video is obviously taken by cell phone or camera...bad quality but you can see the reaction of these Coptic Orthodox, these Muslims and whomever else have flocked to see the Virgin Mother. She is their Mother too. I read that the electric had been shut off by the government at one point, thinking a laser show or lighting effect was causing the uproar. However, the apparition continued.

The bad news is that when She appears it is a warning of troubling events. Big events happen after She appears. Fact. Why would the Blessed Mother trouble herself with a visit? Because she loves us and She points the way to Her Son. She wants us to wake up and notice how close we are to meeting God. Face it! Our lives are a blip on the radar screen of eternity. It is far past time for us to be concerned about where we will be forever: Hell or Heaven.

If this isn't the Blessed Mother and turns out to be Satanic...well, we are in more trouble than I thought.

Allrighty, then. I love spreading happiness where ever I go.


Sunday, December 6, 2009


Every time Advent rolls around, I find myself wondering if I'll ever be good at it! Really. It's hard for me to ignore the fact that Jesus has already been born, grew up, and died...rose from the dead and ascended into heaven, where He sits at the right hand of the Father.

There's some lines in the movie, Talledega Nights, that has some bantering back and forth about Jesus. A race car driver, Ricky Bobby, is saying grace over the family dinner of take-outs. He appeals to "Dear Baby Jesus" and says things like, "Dear eight pound six ounce baby Jesus" when he prays, to the consternation of his wife, Carly, who interrupts with the fact that Jesus grew up. Her father, Chip, adds, "He was a grown man! He had a beard." The family friend rambles on about how he likes to think of Jesus...in a tux tee-shirt that says I'm casual, but here to party. I digress.

My point is that I've never found it helpful to pretend that I'm waiting for the Savior to be born. It's a done deal. He came and went. Maybe this isn't exactly what the faithful are doing...I have no idea what other people do about Advent. There's nothing wrong with meditating on the Birth and the wonder of it all. I like to do that. It just annoys me that all the focus seems to be anticipation of Christ's birth...when that bus has left the station.

What I do for Advent is focus on the second coming of Jesus...or my own death...whichever comes first.It is so easy to get caught up in the trials of daily life and even easier for me to get caught up in the fun and enjoyment of my life. When the season of Advent happens upon me, I take the opportunity to scare myself with idea of finding myself standing before my Lord, giving an account of my life. It's like a biannual check-up...the other time is Lent. So, I try to see where I can improve and do something about my malfunctions as a Christian. In comes CONFESSION.

Christmas is such a special time for me and I look forward to it all year long! I don't know if that "Christmas spirit" is a product of slick advertising campaigns that have made Christmas a product...but getting gifts doesn't hurt. I love the whole scene. The celebration of Jesus' birth and what that means for all of us...and on a lesser plane, the twinkling lights, the trees, wreaths, chances of snow...


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pandemics: Culling the Population

Illuminati in training...NOT!!! It's Nico-Suave'.
Once a upon a time, there was a group of men, who called themselves the Illuminati. In every generation, the Illuminati met and congratulated each other for being special. They served a god named Lucifer, who gave them special powers and riches beyond imagination. The Illuminati felt that they were so intelligent and super-human that they needed to be the ones running the world. In order to accomplish their goals, they decided that the world needed to have about five million people die. The nasty people refused to do the bidding of the Illuminati and that frustrated the god, Lucifer. So, one day Lucifer decided to inspire the Illuminati with a plan! Here's what they came up with:

A major pharmaceutical company would peddle vaccines to the ignorant people of the world. This company would place poison in the vaccines and when the people got sick, they would sell a lot more vaccines to those scared of dying by the disease. Sooner or later millions would die from the disease, that the pharmaceutical company caused in the first place. Later, more ignorant people, would die from the fall-out of the pandemic through crime, starvation and disruption of crucial public services. The owners of the company responsible would be rich and have a place in the new paradigm after the Illuminati changed the world for the better by killing a good part of the people.

Unfortunately, when the Czech's received their vaccine shipments, someone tested them and found out it contained LIVE virus, meaning it was a infectious disease medium and not a vaccine at all! The poor Illuminati were thwarted again.

Lucifer told them that they should go ahead and make a new plot. The stupid fools of the world, the people, tended to do whatever they were told by the talking heads in their TV sets. So the Illuminati regrouped and hatched another plan to get rid of the ignorant masses.

This time, the Illuminati focused on a country that has a lot of traditionally religious folks, the Ukraine. The people there deserved to be gotten rid of! The Pharma company there was making a bio-weapon to cull the dumb population. They decided to test the poison on those people as soon as it was ready and they got permission from their bosses, the Illuminati.

Meanwhile, in the USA...

Joseph Moshe was being taken into custody. He went on a radio show to tell the world about what the Illuminati were going to do. He said that the H1N1 vaccine was being developed as a biological weapon against the people. Joseph knew the people wouldn't like the idea about dying.

Here's what happened:



Sunday, November 1, 2009


Future Saint Rachel?
Today, the Catholic Church celebrates ALL SAINTS DAY.

This is a day we recognize in a formal way the brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, who have gone before us. We celebrate their lives of faith, hope and charity, as they persevered until the end, fought the good fight, and crosses the finish line, which is Heaven.

Although the Church canonizes certain individuals, allowing the faithful to know for certain they attained Heaven through faith in Jesus Christ, anyone who is in Heaven is a Saint. We do not know all the Saints there.

No one can know their own soul well enough to say, "Yes, if I died right now I would go straight to Heaven". St. Paul reminds us that we shall judge not before the time. He wasn't conscious of anything in himself that would keep him from Heaven but tells us that we are not our own judge and God will make that decision.

We never pray to anyone but God the Father, through Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit and we pray WITH the Blessed Virgin Mother and the Saints.


Friday, October 30, 2009

Hauntings, Demons etc.

Anna being attacked by Demons...they were trying to pull her to the ceiling, into the vortex...or not.
During this time of the year, my interest in the macabre is heightened. I find myself watching A HAUNTING, a show all about demonic activity.

Unfortunately, most of the "ghosts" people are encountering are demons or damned souls. The poor sufferers with crazy stuff happening in their homes or to their family members start off calling a psychic or some such nonsense. Or course, it is not their fault they make such a bad move. When household items begin flying around, plates thrown at Jimmy's head, "forces" pushing kids downstairs, evil entities "watching" and "menacing" the family, do you really want to have a sit down and get to know the "haunter" better?

Not me! It occurs to me that anything reeking havoc in my home or messin' with my family has got to go. I'm not going to call in a psychic to say, "Yes, this house is haunted."
   "Ya, think?!"
   "His name was Theodore and he was executed for murder and now he's trying to kill you."
   "Oh. That's not very nice."
   "You must ask him to leave."
   " Umm, what if he doesn't feel like it?!"

Okay, obviously, a murdering demon-like damned soul from Hell won't really feel like chatting. He is going to be laughing (probably not in a mirthful manner) that some gal is bothering his game in the first place. Taking into consideration the level of pride found in the residents of Hell, chances are he's gonna play dirty. Things will get dangerous.

Now, if it was me, I'd leave. I'd be all like, "Hey, sis, that demon is tryin' to kill me, can I come over and stay with you?" She's bound to overlook my adolescence theft of her clothes and give me Sanctuary. After a while, though, I'd be mad. "Stupid demon from Hell is not gonna take over my home..."

My first move after leaving would be to call a Catholic priest! Why them? Because it appears that demons and the damned are defined and adhere to the restrictions put upon them by the Catholic Church. To make my point, here we have a secular show, A HAUNTING. When you watch it, you'll notice that in most, okay, all the episodes I have seen, the Catholic Church is the last stop. The people get relief and deliverance when the priest/exorcist does his thing. Any priest can command demons to flee from places...the exorcists are of another level and may exorcise demons from persons. They are appointed by their bishop. They prepare especially by being holy, fasting and praying. They are of sound mind and character. Old Sparky is put in his place. SCORE! Catholic Church wins.


1. Never, ever, have anything to do with the occult, the "hidden" arts of a spiritual nature like seances, spirit boards (not even ones you buy at Wal-mart) psychic readings, trying to conjure up the dead...trying to astral project (leaving your body...something might pop in while you're out), witchcraft, and any other stupid moves.

2. Remain in grace. Be Catholic and actually do what you are supposed to be doing. Evil is pervasive and we all have demons trying to tempt us and trick us away from God. Satan has no problem influencing you to sin then you will be drug down into the pit of iniquity. All it takes is an opening by one mortal sin, then you are vulnerable. Mass and the Sacraments, especially Holy Communion and Confession keep these malevolent things away. Wear a blessed Brown Scapular and be enrolled. Wear a blessed crucifix, not just a cross. The Rosary is another powerful tool to remain holy. Learn it and love it. The Catholic prayers are important on a daily basis, especially prayers of the Guardian Angels and St, Michael, the Archangel. While being a Christian is nice...you are missing half the story. It is ineffectual to stop there. Get into Jesus' Church He began. Get a clue-demons flee from Catholic rituals...devil worshipers mimic and mock Catholic rituals by offering Black masses, the anti-mass which please their god, Satan....Got it?

3. Have any place you live blessed by a Catholic priest, have holy water fonts in your home, hang crucifixes on your walls...don't allow sinful activities to take place there by unbalanced people. People can have demons attached to them...

4. Don't build on an old graveyard or Indian burial ground where they don't move the bodies. ( Poltergeist.)...hahaha.

Personally, I am of a curious nature and I have always been interested by this kind of stuff as a child. Unfortunately, after encountering a home with crazy stuff happening, I am no longer hoping to have a ghost. The house I speak of had an elderly woman die in it, who continued to visit with children there...a man had a aneurysm there...and no one was religious at all in that house. Somehow huge crashing sounds were made in the ceilings...like a sledge hammer being brought down on metal beams...I saw a man standing next to me when I opened my eyes in bed one morning...(it was my ex's father who died unexpectedly and young) and various hi-jinks of hauntings-footsteps, loud noises, whispers, loud sounds of people talking, stomping and partying when no one was there, as well as doors opening and closing in the middle of the night.

Oh, it's all very real.  I have no desire to see anything like that again.